Information about the book:
Authors: Åke Dahlström and Leif Brost
Translator: Jonas Leijonhufvud
144 pages
8 maps
80 color and 24 black and white photographs
ISBN 0-945005-23-7
Hardcover 6 1/2" x 8 3/4"

Fascinating and compelling for its inclusions from other eras,
amber holds a mystical place in our hearts and minds. Here is
an entertaining and nontechnical story of amber and its links
to history, the natural sciences and culture.
The authors explore how amber is formed, its role in folklore,
how to detect fake amber, its use for lapidary purposes, and how
to care for amber jewelry. Profusely illustrated, this is a basic
resource for everyone who appreciates amber, including collectors
and buyers. This book is definitely a welcome addition to any
personal or professional library.

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