Use the Frozen Drama exhibition for your purpose.

Paleoethology: fossilized behaviours in amber.

Now available to order from the Swedish Amber Museum.

Digital copies of the exhibition can be ordered for display in your museum, showroom, business or private home.

You can order a CD with 18 high resolution images of insects trapped in amber accompanied by a professional drawing. Select a few or use all of them. The pictures are all of scientific value and often show exciting dramas of the insects, mating or fighting, frozen in the amber pieces.

Also included are smaller pictures of the amberpieces held between fingertips to see the real size of the inclusion. All the describing texts (with the Latin name of the insects) and a small explanation of what is entrapped, will also be included in the exhibition. You can change the text if you like.

The resolution of the images are 2362x3307 (200dpi). The maximum printable size is 60 cm x 84 cm (2 x 3 feet).

Price: complete exhibition (18 images) 100 Euro, one image 30 Euro.

Conditions: The exhibition will be delivered on CD by airmail or if possible by email. Single images will be delivered by e-mail.

The use is only for exhibition or private purposes and can not be sold or used in other commercial ways.

The specimens were unfortunately lost during a travelling exhibition in the US.

See example of images below or view the whole exhibition here.



Picture from newspaper of the exhibition on display in Spain.


Spiders in copula.

Image of amber with inclusions between fingertips.


Two ants.


Baltic amber.

Image with drawing and magnified inclusions in amber.


The dark ant is biting the brown one, attacking or just holding on to anything to pull free of the resin flow.

Frozen dramas

Swedish Amber Museum

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