Frozen Dramas

Exhibitions at the Amber Museum

Exhibitions 2015

"Marine Debris" - an environmental exhibition

Marine Debris

"Dead animals"
Dead Animals

Exhibitions 2012

"Amber from the Stone Age to the Middle Age"

"Megalithmonuments in Europe" - a photo exhibition

Excavations in SW Scania - 20 megalith tombs along a sacred road and

Bronze Age in Scania

Exhibitions in the past

We have participated or been involved in the following exhibitions;


“Bärnsten-guldet från Östersjön”
Rådhuset Skanör

Fredriksbergs museum Helsingborg

“Bärnsten-guldet från Östersjön”
Malmö Museer Malmö

“Rav från Skanör”, Skåneveckan
Skansen Stockholm

“Bärnsten strandens guld”
Kulturen i Lund Lund  

“Hansan och Skåne”
Länsmuseet Kristianstad

“Bärnsten”guldet från Östersjön.
Historiska museet Stockholm

“Äggets hemligheter”
Naturhistoriska riksmuseet Stockholm

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet Stockholm

“Bärnsten i Birka”,
Riksantikvarieämbetet Stockholm


“Bärnsten-guldet från Östersjön”
Scandinavian Gold & Silver Fair Copenhagen

“Tränen der Götter”
Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum Germany

“Frozen Drama”,
World Congress on Amber Inclusions, Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain

We were part of the jury at
“International Amber Artwork Prize 1999”
Ribnitz-Damgarten Germany

“Sverigedagarna i västra Pommern”
Pommerska fursteslottet, Szczecin Poland


“The Story Behind the Science”
Academy of Natural Science Philadelphia

“Inclusions in amber”
Lawrence Hall of Sciences Berkeley

“Million years ago”
The Mineral Society Denver

“Million years ago” Tucson Show Tucson

“Jurassic Park”  The Dinosaur Society travelling exhibition

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Science Museum of Minnesota
Pacific Science Center
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Louisiana Arts &Science Center
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
St. Petersburg, Florida
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Universal Studios/Amblin-Dreamworks
“Lost World Exhibition”

COSI, Columbus
G.Fox Building, Hartford
Maryland Science Center, Baltimore
Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Japan och Asien

“Blodsucking insects”
“Travelling exhibition throughout Japan and Asia”
Selmo Entertainment, Japan

“Frozen Drama”
World Congress on Amber Inclusions,
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

“Jurassic Park. The Story Behind the Science”
Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia

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