Missing inclusions

Museums with amber collections,
and amber inclusion collectors

Lost amber during "Lost World" exhibition in the US.
Among the missing pieces are very rare inclusions with 40 million year old petrified "stories".
- A piece with a termite worker feeding a termite soldier (irreplaceable).
- Very rare spiders, beetles and flies in copula (mating positions).
- A piece containing mammalian hair.
- Two predators with pray and 9 other rare inclusions.

With hope to get it back and to prevent future trading, we are sending this announcement to you and others with amber fossil interest.

We ask you to forward this message to amber fossil collectors and contact us, if you get to know anything about these specimens.

Leif Brost
General manager

Swedish Amber Museum
236 35 Höllviken
Tel. +4640450861


To get more information go to the "Frozen Dramas"-exhibition.


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