Museum shop (not updated, call for information.)

The pieces below are examples of what we sell in the store next to the museum.

Opening times: Please see information page or call for appointments. Phone +46-40-454504 or fax +46-40-450861

Priceexamples on inclusions and amber jewellery.

Insects, spiders and plantinclusions varies from $25 till $250 depending on size, rarity and placement in the stone.

in amber
[insekt] [insekt] [insekt]
[insekt] [insekt] [insekt]
Hearts [insekt]$20 [insekt]$22 [insekt]$27
Pendants [insekt]$58 [insekt]$93
[insekt]$54 [insekt]$24 [insekt]$31
Brooches [insekt]$49 [insekt]$44

Earrings, eardrops and earclips [insekt]$49 [insekt]$36 [insekt]$38
[insekt]$16 [insekt]$26 [insekt]$22 [insekt]$18
Charms [insekt]$17 [insekt]$6.90 [insekt]$6.20 [insekt]$9
Amulets, symbols [insekt]$29 [insekt]$25 [insekt]$31
[insekt]$58 [insekt]$78 [insekt]$38


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